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Cadeau 24402 by TotemSpirit Cadeau 24402 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 13 1 Blitzen 24417 by TotemSpirit Blitzen 24417 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 11 1 Roamer 24438 by TotemSpirit Roamer 24438 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 13 2 Lemon Butter 24465 by TotemSpirit Lemon Butter 24465 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 10 1
Slots sales journal
dapple/ext marked/marked-less tokis
sphinx/long/yeti/barbary manes
Caver/Superstar traited tokos

USD/Points, TT, HP Options

Feel free to inquire about splits/PotL slots!
HP is measured in activity rolls which will be done as a combination of hunting/fishing/exploring/caving, at a rate of 1 image per week.
Bullet; Pink Glamorgan Bullet; Pink

marked greying brown merle with tan points and accents
(no Collared, non-dominant Marked & Accents)
1.) $3 / 300 :points: / 2,000 TT / 1 activity roll
2.) $3 / 300 :points: / 2,000 TT
3.) $3 / 300 :points:
Bullet; Pink Velindre
:iconteatreetokos:TeatreeTokos 10 80
Tokota Design Commissions!
I've decided to open up tokota  design commissions~~
Examples of recent designs can be found HERE
as well as:
and Here!
I will attempt any design; HOWEVER, I PREFER not do do piebald, merle, or chimerism unless you want something rather simple.
What I want in return:
I would like USD ($6 for simple, $8 for semi-complex), but if you cannot offer that, I will take:
Trait tokens (2 per reg design, 3 for semi-complex)
Elixirs (if you have any dark elixirs I'm all about that stuff pls thank)
Companions: Specifically Bisons, black cat
:icontallibur:Tallibur 8 63
Long Maned Dire Hyena by Okami-Haru Long Maned Dire Hyena :iconokami-haru:Okami-Haru 18 15 Bellamy 22109 by TotemSpirit Bellamy 22109 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 15 4 Slash 23953 by TotemSpirit Slash 23953 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 4 1 Nessie the Loch Ness Monster 23851 by TotemSpirit Nessie the Loch Ness Monster 23851 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 29 3 Yutaka 2907 by TotemSpirit Yutaka 2907 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 24 7 Crusoe 5345 by TotemSpirit Crusoe 5345 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 80 22 Sarabi 15276 by TotemSpirit Sarabi 15276 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 25 1 Sheela 3601 by TotemSpirit Sheela 3601 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 49 23 Pony Adoptables 3: OPEN by Lunar-Sugar Pony Adoptables 3: OPEN :iconlunar-sugar:Lunar-Sugar 9 19 Grid Results Part Two |OC x Canon| by Pawscratch Grid Results Part Two |OC x Canon| :iconpawscratch:Pawscratch 10 2


The female must be either brown or black with both markings or
just starmarks. It would be nice if she was non-greying, but I can't
be too picky on that front. Other markings are very much loved!
Now I can offer to buy a slot off you or we could do a split.

If we do a split, I will post and use fert supps and I will want to
have PoTL. Then you pick, then I pick and so on and so forth.

The male I am getting a slot to is: Blueberry 22568
Blueberry 22568 by TotemSpirit
Genotype: ee/Aa/tt/nM/nC/AA/nG/nPng/nRm/nSm/nMrl+l/nL
Marked collared greying lilac brown merle with liver points, accents, pangare, rainmarks and starmarks

Some bonuses would be if the female was also a toki or had a
rare mane (I love curly, long and short manes). I will be iffy on
half manes.

In the end of the day, I'm just looking for a dark female (puppies
will most likely end up brown) with starmarks. It doesn't matter if
she is a normal with a natural mane. Although, I will keep this
journal up until I decide.

Aside from a split or USD, I can also offer a slot (or two) to my own Tokotas.
Ujarack 24015 by TotemSpirit
Ujarack 24015
Male - Natural Mane
Genotype: ee/AA/tt/nM/AA/nG/nD/nFl/nMrl+l/nP+l
Phenotype: Marked greying dun brown merle with liver points, accents, flecking and liver points
Traits: Hunter and Lucky.
(I'm okay if you want to do a double merle breeding with him.)

Yellow Flicker Beat 26531 by TotemSpirit
Yellow Flicker Beat 26531
Female - Natural Mane
Genotype: ee/Aa/Tt/nM/nA/nG/PngPng
Phenotype: Marked greying tawny with accents and pangare
Traits: Mauja's Draw, Wild Heart and Snow White.
Companion: Tapetoe

Melora 25690 by TotemSpirit
Melora 25690
Female - Short Mane
Genotype: ee/Aa/TT/nCr
Phenotype: Cream tawny

Atuqtuaq 3004 by TotemSpirit
Atuqtuaq 3004
Female - Curly Mane
Genotype: ee/Aa/TT/MM/nA/Cc/nBl/nPb/nD
Phenotype: Marked collared tawny dun piebald with blanket and accents
(I'm only going to offer one slot to her. The rest will be closed until she is dominant.)



The Eater of Socks
Current Residence: West Australia
Favourite style of art: Digital
Skin of choice: Mine.
Favourite cartoon character: (Anime) Tenjou Utena


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